Healthcare in America is riddled with rip-offs. One of them that gets no attention from authorities is the abuse of the public by nonprofit health plans that do more to benefit their managers than the community.

That’s the focus of this website. I’m a former Blue Shield of California executive who is fighting to stop Blue Shield abuses that could cost Californians billions of dollars. I’m also working to expose misconduct by other nonprofit health plans.


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California Attorney General weighs in against Blue Shield's legal assault on my whistleblowing

“Any effort to challenge a whistleblower’s voluntary reports to state oversight agencies raises serious concerns…” Read more.


The nonprofit whose top executive earns more than Apple’s CEO

Delta Dental of California, which provides dental plans under the Delta name in California and 15 other states, is a tax-exempt “social welfare” organization. It doesn’t act much like one. Read my article at Daily Kos.