Chartered as a nonprofit, Blue Shield of California has a legal duty to serve the public interest. “For care, not profit" is how it advertises itself. Yet Blue Shield acts nothing like a nonprofit. It has amassed a surplus of over $4 billion, pays multi-million dollar executive salaries, and charges among the highest rates in California. In 2014, state auditors blasted Blue Shield for stockpiling “extraordinarily high surpluses” and “not operating exclusively for the promotion of civic betterment or social welfare.”

Even worse, Blue Shield’s corporate leaders have been quietly scheming for years to steer billions of dollars in public, nonprofit assets into private hands--and they are on the brink of getting away with it. That's $10 billion that won't be available to meet public healthcare needs if Blue Shield is not stopped.

I'm a former Blue Shield Director of Public Policy who resigned in protest and is fighting to expose and prevent this massive rip-off. For more about Blue Shield’s abuses see my blog posts and news coverage of the campaign.